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Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions for a Bug-Free Backyard

Four Eco-Friendly pest control solutions from Best Exterminators, Inc.

Tell Bugs to “Get Off my Lawn” And Contact Us Today!

We all know how much it sucks to spend time nurturing something, watching it grow, only to have it eaten or damaged by some invasive pest. Sure it’s fairly easy to spray toxic sludge on your lawn to kill the bugs, but how safe do you feel having your family home surrounded by a sea of potentially harmful chemicals? Probably not very. Best Exterminators, Inc., serving western Missouri and eastern Kansas, has a variety of eco-friendly pest control solutions that you can feel good about. Read on for four products that will eliminate infestations, keep your lawn looking great, and do it all without putting your family’s health at risk.

a chrysanthemum flower

Bifen LP

A pyrethroid is a naturally occurring pesticide that is produced by the chrysanthemum flower. A pyrethroid-based insecticide like Bifen LP provides a safer alternative to harsh chemical pesticides. Plus, you can enjoy a pest-free landscape for months at a time. One application treats numerous lawn pests. You can trust Best Exterminators, Inc. to use only the safest, eco-friendly pest control products so give them a call today!

ants in a suburban backyard

Ant Traps

Best Exterminators, Inc. uses outside ant traps that kill the colony and prevent the need for large-scale chemical spraying. Sweet-smelling bait attracts ants to the traps, collects the bait, and carries it back to the Queen, killing off the colony. These pre-filled, ready-to-use bait stations are convenient and easy to install anywhere ants have been observed. A much more eco-friendly pest control option that’s safer for you and your family!

 mosquito on a poppy flower

Inzecto Mosquito Traps

The Inzecto Mosquito Trap’s unique patented design provides an ideal environment for breeding mosquitoes to lay their eggs. It then uses two modes of action to kill Aedes species mosquitoes and their larvae. To use, simply fill traps with water and place traps outdoors in a shady area protected from the wind. For more eco-friendly pest control solutions, call Best Exterminators, Inc.

close up of housefly

Fly Light Traps

Fly Light Traps use powerful ultraviolet rays to attract all types of flying insects without toxic chemicals. The light acts as a lure, and when combined with sticky traps, work to attract the bugs and keep them from leaving. They are not harmful to people or pets and have no unpleasant odor! These lights are designed to look like regular light fixtures making them a convenient and eco-friendly pest control solution. Contact Best Exterminators, Inc. today for more information.

You don’t invest all that time, money, and energy into making your lawn great just to have it destroyed by a slew of different pests. Protect your yard and your family by contacting Best Exterminators, Inc. today. They have the best selection of Eco-friendly pest control solutions in the West Missouri/ East Kansas areas. So if you’ve been waging war on the ants in your backyard or the mosquitos on your patio, find the safest, most effective, and eco-friendly pest control products at Best Exterminators, Inc.