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In2Care® Mosquito Trap

Our state-of-the-art mosquito trap is made of durable plastic and uses water with an odor lure to attract egg-laying Aedes mosquitoes. You can invest in In2Care technology for an environmentally friendly solution that relies on an EPA-approved fungus to infect and kill off mosquitos. A small amount is transferred from site-to-site for maximum efficiency, all while relying on minimal concentration amounts to ensure the safety of other organisms.

Deploy this larvicide auto-dissemination trap at tourist sites, hotels, homes, and other areas to safely and effectively reduce mosquito populations, while also blocking the transmission of disease. In2Care relies on female mosquitos to carry the contamination to numerous sites, eliminating larvae before they grow into biting adults.

Aprehend® Biopesticide

Bed bug control specialists can turn to this fungal biopesticide for professional results across every property they encounter. Aprehend allows spores to transfer easily between bed bugs - even those who do not leave their safe bases. This biopesticide works in 3-7 days, completely eliminating bed bugs and preventing new infestations for up to three months.

You can boost your bed bug treatments with the many benefits of Aprehend:

  • Fast applications

  • Less preparation or labor

  • Proven effectiveness in eliminating bugs

  • No chemicals, odours, or dilution

  • Provides residual effects for up to three months

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